Product Description

KOVA® poc is a ready-to-use liquid control with urobilinogen, saving sample preparation time and reducing inconsistencies and errors. KOVA® poc is available in two levels, Normal and Abnormal, with or without microscopics.

Designed specifically for smaller routine labs and point-of-care testing sites that want to maintain a high standard of Quality Control performance at an affordable price. KOVA® poc liquid urinalysis controls provide lower volume users with a convenient, cost-effective alternative to ensure consistent and accurate patient results.

Values are assigned for visual and instrument reading on all major systems. With proper storage Kova® poc has a proven shelf-life of up to 22 months from date of manufacture.

  • Specifically designed for most countertop analyzers
  • Compatible with most hCG cassettes
  • Best in Class open vial stability

  • Should be stored at 2 to 8 °C
  • 30-day room temperature stability
  • Shelf life from date of manufacture:
    - 22 months – Kova® poc Level I Abnormal
    - 22 months – Kova® poc Level II Normal w/hCG

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Product Breakdowns
Part No. Description Contents Availability
88105 KOVA® poc Dropper Norm/Abn 5mL (5 each level) 10 X 5 mL Global
88115 KOVA® poc DipTube Norm/Abn with Microscopics 15mL (3 each level) 6 X 15 mL US Only
88125 KOVA® Dropper Norm/Abn 25mL (2 each level) 4 X 25 mL US Only
88205 KOVA® poc Dropper Norm/Abn 5mL (1 each level) 2 X 5 mL US Only
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