KOVA® Refractrol SP

Product Description

KOVA® Refractrol SP control provides 5 levels of serum protein control solutions for use in refractometry.

KOVA® Refractrol SP was designed for use with temperature compensated and non-compensated refractometers. Recovery of the assigned values provides assurance of measurements of plasma or serum protein concentration. Each level of Refractrol is separately packaged in easy-to-use 2mL vials.

  • Store at room temperature
  • 36 months from date of manufacture

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Product Breakdowns
Part No. Description Contents Availability
84679 KOVA® REFRACTROL SP, Level 6.0 12 X 2 mL US Only
84655 KOVA® REFRACTROL SP, Level 9.0 12 X 2 mL US Only
84652 KOVA® REFRACTROL SP, Low Level 12 X 2 mL US Only
84653 KOVA® REFRACTROL SP, Normal Level 12 X 2 mL US Only
84654 KOVA® REFRACTROL SP, High Level 12 X 2 mL US Only
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