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The Complete Solution

The KOVA Urinalysis System includes specially designed cups, tubes, caps, decanters, and slides, as well as stains and QC products to standardize every step of the urinalysis process, from sample collection to analysis in the lab.

Superior Optical Quality
for Better Results

The precision engineered, KOVA Glasstic Slide 10 is made of break resistant, optically superior plastic and features specially designed wells for precise volume control and a micro Neubauer style counting grid.

QC for Industry Leaders

Leading instrument manufacturers recommend KOVA controls for daily QC. KOVA controls are available in lyophilized or liquid form and cover the entire decision range from normal to low or high abnormal.



The KOVA System

KOVA diagnostic system packs provide an easy, convenient, and cost efficient way to standardize every step of the diagnostics process in a laboratory or point-of-care settings.
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KOVA Controls

KOVA provides controls for macroscopic and microscopic examination as well as physiochemical and chemical analysis of urine specimens in the clinical laboratory.
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KOVA provides specially designed disposable cups, tubes, caps, slides, and pipettes for urinalysis in the laboratory.
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